Rock & Roll (Prod. by Superville)

by Mikey Monday

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Rock n Roll

We rock We roll
We hot and you know
We fly and so
They gon hate but it's cool
Cuz we rock & we roll ( repeat)

Rock and roll Flintstones take you into outer space
Jetsons man I treat these rappers like my stepson
Put em in they place have em remember where they came from
Oh and by the way forgot to say I am insane UH
Psychopathic tendencies emerge and end in killing sprees
Im guessing I'm celibate cuz no one can eff with me lyrically
Can you hear me now? Good uh Mikey got verizon bars
Look up in the sky and wish upon me I'm a rising star
Rock harder than Rolling Stones please pardon me cuz I'm prone
To deliver flows with passion like Christ did his blood when hung
On that cross see hold up you lost me I think how my daddy taught me to use moxy when they try to box me and don't let em outfox me
Piloting in the cockpit controlling the crowds when I spit
I'm by floating up in the clouds naw Monday you in a mosh pit
Don't knock it cuz you can't stop it we coming blasting the stereo
Mikey Monday rocking and rolling you ready here we go


Temperatures hot ready to rock get yo hands up to the sky
I'm on ten and going I'm rising devising some plans when I get to the top
I told em that the party was on levels that I've never seen
I gotta pinch big booty to realize this ain't a dream
Here's the scene: sweaty body's drip ice trickles down lips
Wall to wall twerking as my hands rest on her hips
Music blaring through the speakers man this place is full with everybody
Hipsters, rockers, artists, doctors we don't need mary or Molly
Just to get the party started DJ bang that bass
And I promise we'll get it jumping and fill up the whole place
We don't need the drugs we don't need the bud we don't need the guns
Just To turn it up It's all peace and love Huh
That's like so foreign to them and higher ups I'm on to them
I'm about to take back this genre by any means yeah I'm warning them
But that's line for another song let me switch it back to this
We rocking and we rolling semi colon then it's back to this



released 08 January 2014
Written, mixed and performed by Michael A. Lundy II
produced by Superville



all rights reserved


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